Sunday, January 13, 2013

Processing.... ... ...

I am working my families way away from processed food. This weekends grocery trip brought no new processed food into the house. I mostly bought fruits and vegetables. We had plenty of meat in the freezer that needs to get used up.

Which brings me to the next thing I'm working on....

I want to waste less. I looked for statistics...which vary on the amount, but American's waste a lot of food. I am very guilty of this. I forget about things in the freezer until they are freezer burned. Canned foods go bad before I use them. I forget about produce and it goes bad. A good thing about the lack of new processed food coming into the house is that it forces a second look at the produce.

I'm getting into the habit of baking something every weekend. I've done bread two weekends in a row. The first loaf was edible...barely. This weekends loaf was better. I've been doing in in my ancient breadmaker but I think I'm going to do it without it next weekend.

This weeks new food is going to be donut muffins. I planned on doing them today but I didn't have nutmeg. Its not healthy but its not processed.

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